Whirlwind News 11.19.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 19, 1926:

Grover Adams was seen out getting his peddling load. We all wish him good luck.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Baisden, a fine girl, November 11th, named Ivy.

Joe Martin and Joe Kirk were business visitors at Mollie Robinson’s Thursday night.

Wilburn Mullins was the early bird on Hoover Saturday. Come again, Wilburn. But not so early.

All the people will live on Hoover for a while as John Carter has beef for sale.

Clinton Adams seemed to be all smiles Sunday. Surely, Clinton, Liza is on Jonas Branch yet.

Gillis, come back. The girls are all hungry to see the new Willys Knight.

Charley Mullins wore a nice grin on his face Sunday night. Look out, everybody. Something is going to happen.

Ezra, come back. We hope you won’t have bad luck all the time.

Wonder if Randolph Baisden got all the chicken he wanted Thursday night?

Wonder who the youngsters are that visit the left fork of Hoover so often.

Some Combinations: Pearl and her blue dress; Charley and his wooden chain; Lucy and her beech nuts; Alice and her shoes; Grover and his dogs; May and her apple butter.

Whirlwind News 11.16.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 16, 1926:

We are having some nice weather at this writing.

Mrs. Peter Mullins is very ill, we are sorry to say.

Wilburn Mullins was the guest of Daniel McCloud Saturday.

Mrs. Jane Adams was calling on friends at Mollie Robinson’s Sunday.

Miss Mildred Adams was shopping in Whirlwind Thursday.

We are all wondering who put the stone in Gillis Adams’ path up the left fork of Hoover.

Lucy McCloud was the guest of Mrs. Sallie Bunn Sunday morning.

Si Tomblin was calling on friends at Mollie Robinson’s Monday.

Daniel McCloud was seen shopping in Whirlwind Monday.

Pearl and Ruth McCloud made a flying trip up Hoover Monday.

Carl Adams is the coal digger of Hoover. Stay with it, Carl. Winter will soon be here.

Mildred, cheer up and don’t look so blue. J.I. Mullins has just gone to Twelve Pole.

Wonder if Carl Adams saw the girl he was looking for Sunday?

Sad news was ringing on Hoover Saturday. Mollie Robinson’s dog died.

Some combinations: Clinton and his flash light; Garfield and his potatoes; Carl and his coal; Mildred and her blues; Fred and his baby; Lucy and her smiles; Wilburn and his pumpkin; Rush going to Sunday School.

Whirlwind News 11.02.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 2, 1926:

We are having plenty of rain at present.

Albert Gore was the evening guest of Mattie Robinson Friday.

Mrs. Eddie Adams is ill at this writing, we are sorry to say.

Lucy McCloud was calling at the post office Saturday. Did he forget to write this time, Lucy?

Fred Adams don’t visit the Left Fork of Hoover any more. Cheer up, Fred. Sallie is at home yet.

Norman Adams was the guest of his mother Friday night.

Wilburn Mullins visits Daniel McCloud’s often these days. Wonder why? Ask Frank. He knows.

Clinton Adams never visits the Left Fork of Hoover no more. Come on back, Clinton. The sun is shining now.

Ireland Mullins was visiting on Hoover Thursday. He must have been wanting some fried chicken.

Alice McCloud is back on Hoover after a few weeks of absence.

Edgar McCloud, Fred Adams, and Bernie Adams attended church on Hoover Saturday night.

Ireland Mullins wore a ten cent smile Thursday night. Wonder what seemed to be the cause? Ask Lucy. She knows.

Wonder why Frank Adams doesn’t enjoy walking up the road any more?

Bernie Adams looks so sad since Tilda Carter left Hoover to spend a few weeks in Micco with her sister.

Howard Adams seems to enjoy teaching school in Hoover.

Daily Happenings: Wilburn going to Daniel’s; May going up the road; Lucy and her slippers; Mildred and her bobbed hair; Carl and his chestnuts.

Hezekiah Adkins (1759-1842)


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In 1990, Ronnie Adkins published THE definitive Adkins genealogy book. A great many researchers appreciated his work on Hezekiah Adkins’ line of the family. Hezekiah Adkins was born in 1759 in Virginia, served in the American Revolutionary War, moved from Giles County, Virginia, to present-day Wayne County, West Virginia, about 1810, and died in 1842. His grave markers are yet visible at Winslow on Beech Fork in Wayne County, WV. If you visit the grave site, you will find Hezekiah Adkins buried on the left and his wife Mary “Molly” buried on the right (unlike in this photo). Any Adkins researcher owes a great debt to Ronnie Adkins and his book. THANK YOU, RONNIE.


Here is a photo of my good friend and mentor Billy Adkins visiting the grave site in 1991. Years ago, Billy assisted Ronnie in gathering information about members of the Adkins family who settled in the Harts area of Lincoln County, WV.


Here is Hezekiah’s grave as it appears today (left). His wife Molly is buried to the right.


Hezekiah Adkins is my paternal great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather through his son, Isaac Adkins (1790-1854).


Here is Molly Adkins’ grave as it appears today. She is my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.


Hezekiah Adkins has a nice military marker positioned at his feet.


I recently visited Hezekiah Adkins’ grave. 30 June 2017.


A short distance from the cemetery, beside of the highway, is this great historical marker commemorating Hezekiah Adkins’ service in the Revolutionary War. Beech Fork State Park is less than five minutes away. 30 June 2017.

Harts News 11.02.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 2, 1926:

Everybody is very busy electioneering for E.F. Scaggs and J.M. Marcum here.

Attorney Lace Marcum of Huntington spent the week with Charles Brumfield and family.

Robert Brumfield is seriously ill at this writing.

W.B. Toney of Toney was calling on Miss Clara Spry Sunday.

Enos Dials seems to be all smiles these days. Wonder why? I guess he has got a sweetie after all.

Miss Clara Adkins was the guest of Mrs. Bill Farris at Atensville Friday.

Jack Marcum of Ranger was in town Saturday.

Mrs. Beatrice Adkins of the West Fork was in town Saturday.

Ed Brumfield was calling on one of his best girls at Toney Sunday.

…progressing nicely with her school at Atensville.

Fred Shelton was in town Sunday evening.

Miss Jessie Brumfield is progressing…

Hendrix Brumfield is very busy these days telling the folks why he is a Democrat.

We have been informed today that Fed Adkins, a Democrat, has turned over to be a Republican now.

Message was received today that Miss Perva B. Johnson has arrived safely in Chicago.

Misses Jessie Brumfield and Mae Caines were seen out horse back riding Saturday evening.

Hallie Holton of Charleston is the guest of friends and relatives here.

Harts News 10.29.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 29, 1926:

We are glad to report that Ira Tomblin, who has been very low with typhoid fever, is improving nicely at present.

Miss Garnet Sias of Latrobe was the guest of Miss Cora Adkins Saturday.

Keenan Toney of Toney was a smiling Democrat in Harts Tuesday.

Philip Hager of Hamlin was in Harts Wednesday.

Mrs. R.L. Powers has been on the sick list for the last few days.

Fisher B. Adkins is still campaigning. He passes through once a week in a rush taking time to say, “How do you do, folks.”

Mrs. Minnie Lambert and little daughter Nannie of Toney were calling on friends here Tuesday.