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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 16, 1926:

We are having some nice weather at this writing.

Mrs. Peter Mullins is very ill, we are sorry to say.

Wilburn Mullins was the guest of Daniel McCloud Saturday.

Mrs. Jane Adams was calling on friends at Mollie Robinson’s Sunday.

Miss Mildred Adams was shopping in Whirlwind Thursday.

We are all wondering who put the stone in Gillis Adams’ path up the left fork of Hoover.

Lucy McCloud was the guest of Mrs. Sallie Bunn Sunday morning.

Si Tomblin was calling on friends at Mollie Robinson’s Monday.

Daniel McCloud was seen shopping in Whirlwind Monday.

Pearl and Ruth McCloud made a flying trip up Hoover Monday.

Carl Adams is the coal digger of Hoover. Stay with it, Carl. Winter will soon be here.

Mildred, cheer up and don’t look so blue. J.I. Mullins has just gone to Twelve Pole.

Wonder if Carl Adams saw the girl he was looking for Sunday?

Sad news was ringing on Hoover Saturday. Mollie Robinson’s dog died.

Some combinations: Clinton and his flash light; Garfield and his potatoes; Carl and his coal; Mildred and her blues; Fred and his baby; Lucy and her smiles; Wilburn and his pumpkin; Rush going to Sunday School.