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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 11, 1921:

The Chapmansville school is progressing nicely under the management of J.W. Batchel and Robert Vickers and Miss Eliza Garrette.

Some of the girls are looking to get plenty of boys in school, especially Miss Wanda Ferrell and Lola Ferrell. “Come on, Mr. Wayne,” is what Wanda says.

Mr. Steward can’t cobble shoes to do any good any more for the girls of Chapmansville.

Mr. Bob Hale bought in three fine Holstein cows from Ravenswood.

Mr. Edward Turner is swinging the girls now.

Mr. Charles Farrette of Big Creek is attending school now.

Miss Wanda Ferrell of Big Creek is going to be baptized Sunday.

Chapmansville is coming out of the kinks. She is going to organize a baseball team under the management of W.J. Bachtel.

Wayne Brown is getting sporty lately. He is sweeting the girls on candy, especially one on Big Creek.

Billy Carper and Jonnie Fry have no girls now. They visit the school house often. Cheer up.

Chapmansville is on a boost now. A soda fountain came in today for W. Conley and Hot Springs Bryant.

Six houses are being built in this village at present for Peter Ferrell.

Miss Eliza Garrett, who is teaching the primary department at Chapmansville, visited her home folks Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Howard Barker and John Dent, who have been working at Big Creek, returned to their homes Saturday. They claim they have been exposed to measles.

Mrs. George Seagraves, who is teaching the primary department at the Barker school, says she will finish her school upstairs on account of her room being cold. She is behind three weeks. Miss Emma Stowers is principal, her term for this year closing March 9th.

Miss Emma Stowers and Bertie Barker attended church at the Lane Sunday.

Miss Bessie Barker, who has been visiting her homefolks for the past week, returned to her work at Logan Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Homer attended church at Lane Sunday.

Mrs. Ed Haner is on the sick list.

Misses Myrna Sanders and Nora Stollings attended church at the Lane Sunday.

Mr. Lacy Browning is on the sick list. The attending physician says he is threatened with fever.

The Farmers Telephone Company of this place have rebuilt their line and we hope that adjoining lines will do likewise.