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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on September 17, 1926:

Frank Adams, Jr. doesn’t seem to enjoy walking up the road any more. Wonder why?

Will Adams is taking his vacation this week.

James Baisden was a business visitor at Daniel McCloud’s Wednesday.

Charley Mullins is right on his job this week. Stay right with it, Charley. Winter will soon be here.

Jeff Baisden visits Hoover very often these days. Wonder what his attention is?

Grover Adams is visiting his friends on Twelve Pole. Wonder what makes him go there?

Clinton Adams has bought Florence Adams a bundle of pipes.

Gillis Adams was visiting his girl at Hoover Sunday.

Miss Lucy McCloud was seen visiting in Hoover Tuesday.

Ezra Farley was calling on his best girl Pearl McCloud Sunday.

Gillis Adams was visiting his girl on Sunday. Wonder what was the cause? Ask Lucy. She knows.

Miss Tilda Carter was visiting the sick, Bernice Adams, last Tuesday.

Daily happenings: Alice Dingess and her pipe; David and his bottle; Rush and his mule; Garnett and her rolled hose; Ann and her chewing gum; Rose and her overalls; Ina and her bobbed hair; Boyd and his tobacco; Mollie and her spinning wheel; May and her cards; Alice drying apples; Mandie and her hose; Bertha and her white hat; Susie looking for Daniel; Florence and her apple butter; Bob Dingess’ old Ford; Joe and his geese; Roxie and her baby; Lucy and her pink dress; Carl and his blood hounds; Charley and his ax; Mary is looking so lonely without Herb; Howard and his sweet ways; Pearl and her bangs; Fred Adams and his 10 cent trousers.