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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 11, 1921:

School is progressing along nicely here under the management of Mr. W.J. Bachtel, principal, and Mr. Robert Vickers and Miss Eliza Garrett.

The Liberty theater is now open and we are getting some good shows.

The four year old son of Mr. Ed Conley who has been very ill for some time died Sunday morning.

The boys and girls of this town had a pie supper and peanut shower at the school house last Friday night. Everyone reported a nice time.

Miss Gladys Bryant was calling on Miss Eunice Ward Sunday morning.

Mr. Steward took Miss Devonah Butcher home Sunday night. Call again, Mr. Steward. She says she likes chewing gum.

Sunday school is progressing nicely under the management of Mr. Whitman.

Mrs. Rhoda Butcher of Yantus was shopping in town Saturday.

The infant son of Mrs. Ward, who has been very ill, is improving nicely.Miss Waivy Hager of Ms. McKenney were calling on friends here Sunday.

Mr. Chilt Chapman was out walking for his health last Sunday.

Mr. James Bryant took his best girl home Saturday night.

Mr. Greenway McCloud is looking sad now days. Cheer up, Green. Gladys will come back again.