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Abe Martin from Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on August 13, 1926:

We are having fine weather and a lively time in Big Creek.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Belcher of Logan motored to Big Creek where they visited Miss Harmon for a short time.

Cecil Butcher of Chapmanville and Miss Ottie Vance of this place to enjoy motoring.

Mrs. Mae Shriver was seen playing croquet at her mother-in-law’s, Mrs. A.D. Shriver, Saturday.

F.W. Saltsman, the agent, sure does his duty.

Roy Chapman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman, is very ill at present. We hope he will be well soon and his parents, relatives, and friends have our sympathy.

Carlos and Walter Ferrell and Misses Grace Workman and Ella Jane Toney of Chapmanville were joy riding Sunday afternoon.

Wilbur Walford of this place has been very ill for the past few weeks, but we are glad to say is some better.

Miss Princess Butcher seemed to be downhearted Sunday. Cheer up, Princess. Archie will be back soon.

Mrs. Polly Ellis has been visiting relatives at Estep and Banco. We sure do miss her in Big Creek.

Julia Thomas seemed to be blue Sunday. Cheer up, Julia. He’ll come back.

Come on Chapmanville and Manila and Banco. We know writing is hard work but the hands that work will make the world go and for pep we don’t lack. This is our motto: Work ahead and never look back.

Mr. Adams sure does believe in playing the organ. Don’t you imagine he gets tired?