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An unknown local correspondent from Yantus in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 23, 1926:

Here we come with some news of the past week.

Miss Linnie White has gone visiting up the line for a while. We miss her very much.

Wonder why Jack Thompson never visits Yantus any more? We sure would like to see him.

Mrs. Linnie Conley was visiting home folks last week.

Miss Oma Butcher seems down-hearted these days. Cheer up, Oma. Bernard will come back.

Clell Adams and Opal White were enjoying themselves Sunday.

Misses Hazel and Grace Stollings seem to be happy these days. Wonder what it is.

Miss Ida White and Odell Butcher were seen walking Sunday. They seemed to have a nice time.

Those at the dance were: Clell Adams, Opal White, Charley Adams, Hazel Stollings, Odell Butcher, and Ida White. All reported a nice time.

Daily Events: Lennie and her blues; Jack leaving Yantus; Ida W. and Odell out walking; Oma looking down-hearted; Clell out riding; Opal and her rouge; Odell and his smiles; Hazel and her lip stick; Grace and her new hose.