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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 28, 1926:

Rev. White of Henlawson, who was the pastor of our church for some time, was back in our midst last Saturday night and Sunday, we are glad to say, and delivered three very interesting discourses. A good crowd attended with much attention.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chafin of Chapmanville attended church at Banco last Saturday night and Sunday and were the all night guests of Mrs. Chafin’s sister, Mrs. D.H. Harmon of this place.

The Banco choir met last Saturday afternoon in the center of our town and gave a very interesting and enjoyable concert.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Duty and children of Squirrel Branch attended church at Banco Saturday night and Sunday.

Robert Gullet of Spring Dale and some of his old pals were out joy riding last Sunday afternoon.

Charles Duty of Spring Dale was slightly injured last Tuesday while unloading some switch ties in Big Creek.

When Basil Duty of Spring Dale gets sight of a certain pretty girl of his town he can walk as lightly as the Meadow Lark can soar in the sky.

The  boy who says he can tell the girls the “sweetest story ever told” over the gate post was trying his experience last Sunday, and we believe the gate post was all there was between the girl and himself.

Jesse Justice and Frank Chapman sure do like Spring Dale these days. They stay up there six days a week and wouldn’t mind to stay the seventh. Time about is fair boys. Each one must wait for their turn to carry the swith ties out if the girls are coming.

Miss Ella Jane Toney of Chapmanville attended church at Banco Saturday night and Sunday and was the all night guest of her cousin, Miss Marea Lucas.

Among those who were out kodaking last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hager, Misses Gay Pettit, Clara Harmon, and Pearl Hager.

J.M. Harmon and W.J. Vance of Peach Creek motored to Banco last Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hager and little daughter Carmine was the all night guest of Mr. Hager’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hager, of this place Saturday.

Wonder what has become of the sheik that we never see him in town any more?

Miss Ella Jane Toney left for her home at Chapmanville last Sunday evening accompanied by her cousin, Miss Marea Lucas of this place.

Miss Gay Pettit, teacher of the Daisy school, was the guest of Clara Harmon at this place Sunday and Monday. She will soon bid Big Creek goodbye as her school will close this week.

Wonder when there will be a circus for Banco? The parade was one day last week. The clowns went through riding the spotted pony.