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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 14, 1926:

This kid was real sick last week so that accounts for new news from this burg.

Dwyer Coal Co. is in operation again.

Quite a scramble here among the Republicans and some Democrats to see who shall be deputy sheriff.

Rev. G.C. Hoover, an evangelist of Dryden, N.Y., is holding a revival meeting at the Holiness church this week.

Both Democrats and Republicans here seem to be pleased with the candidacy of J.H. Vickers for member of the County Court.

School will close here next week and we think everybody will be happy.

W.A. McCloud was a business visitor to Logan Monday.

A.L. Sansom was laying up a few political fences at Logan Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Dingess were shopping in this city Tuesday.

Mrs. J.V. Lucas of Banco was in town Tuesday.

The new road is going about just fine. I knew Stonie could do it.

We have some of the best whistlers here of any town in the state.