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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 21, 1926:

Hello, folks! Here we are again with a few items from our thriving little town.

Bernice Hunter returned from Hot Springs, Arkansas, last Monday and was the all night guest of his aunt, Mrs. John Hager, of Banco; then returned to his home on Big Ugly.

Mrs. V.P. Conley and little son, Joe, of Banco addition were calling on Mrs. D.H. Harmon of this place last Wednesday morning.

Hassel Vance is still driving the big team. Hauling from Spring Dale to Big Creek. Hassel doesn’t stop in Spring Dale very long even if there is some pretty girls in that town.

Wonder why Peter Pinder never calls in Banco any  more? We sure miss the great stories he used to tell us. We imagine he is telling the stories to his girl in Thomas’ Circle nowadays.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Vance’s small son, Junior, is still ill with measles, we are sorry to say.

Wonder when H.T. Lucas is going to make a call in Spring Dale? The roads are better to Spring Dale for joy riding, H.T., than they are to North Pole.

Mrs. Mary Hager and daughter Kathleen were calling on Mrs. D.H. Harmon last Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Stone were calling on their daughter, Mrs. Jennie Thomas, at Estep last Sunday afternoon.

Miss Marea Lucas was the afternoon guest of Misses Ollie and Mattie Varney last Sunday.

Jesse Justice sure does like the little town of Estep, especially while his old girl from Slabtown is there.

Miss Susie Thomas and little brother, Virgil, of Estep have been visiting their grandparents at this place for a few days.

H.F. Lucas and his father were out trying H.F.’s Ford last Monday evening.

Mr. Joseph A. Varney and daughter Nella were business callers in Banco last Tuesday evening.

Misses Zella and Charlotte Chapman of Estep were shopping in Banco last Saturday.

Mrs. L.A. Ellis who is making her home in Needmore for a short while was visiting Mrs. Nancy Duty at Stone Branch last week.

We are sorry to say but the doll of Needmore has forsaken all the girls of their town, also the girls of Banco, as he left for Spencer, W.Va., one day last week.

Basil Duty of Spring Dale was calling in Estep last Sunday. Look out, boys. Some of you are going to lose your L.F.O. Basil means business. He’s looking for his affinity.

There will be church at the Banco school house next Saturday night and Sunday. Everybody is invited.