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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 14, 1926:

We are having some nice weather at this writing.

Mrs. Rosie Price was visiting her daughter, Mrs. M.C. Conley, Sunday.

Arnold Barker and Virgil Ferrell were out walking Sunday.

Miss Opal Johnson seemed to be awful busy sewing flower seeds Saturday afternoon.

Walter and Carlos Ferrell were seen walking the lonesome road Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Munsey and Jack Conley were working on their automobile Sunday morning.

The Phico girls and boys seem to enjoy coming to Chapmanville church nowadays.

Miss Gracie Workman was out horse back riding Sunday afternoon.

Wonder why Mr. L.F. Price is visiting in Big Creek so often.

Mrs. Garnet Jeffery and children were visiting her mother Saturday and Sunday.

Wonder why Arnold Barker is looking so downhearted nowadays? Cheer up, Arnold. Maybe it is not so.

Walter Workman escorted Miss Connie Bentley home Saturday night from church.

Robert Carter was out horseback riding early Saturday morning.

Brack Walls escorted Elna Cox home from church Friday night.

We all hope Miss Beulah Ballard and Mr. Snidow will get along fine with the Diploma test this year.

Opal Johnson, Lillian and Agnes Whitman were out walking Sunday.

Misses Hazel Conley and Minnie Workman were out walking Saturday afternoon.

Tom Barker is enjoying life fine, going up Lowe Hollow nowadays.