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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 21, 1926:

Well here we come with some more Banco news.

Everything is looking lively around Thomas Circle these days.

Gid Toney and Bessie Isaac were out walking Sunday.

Miss Onna Varney was seen at the Thomas store house Sunday. Wonder who she was looking for? Ask Bob. He will tell you.

Bob Jarrells and Bert Mullins were walking around the lonesome road Sunday.

Gardner Baisden and Don Estep were sure enjoying themselves Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Varney were visiting relatives here Sunday.

Tom Duty of this place is seriously ill at this writing but is still walking the lonesome road.

Willie Thomas was a business caller in Banco last Saturday.

James Duty, who has been on the sick list, is improving nicely.

Charley Varney says that Mr. A.J. Thomas of Big Creek has sure supplied this place with wharf rats.

There were several boys of East End who enjoyed themselves eating boiled eggs at Thomas’ Circle Sunday.

Gardner Baisden seemed to be all smiles Sunday. Wonder what he was pleased over? Ask Hazel. She may tell you.

Mack Varney of Needmore was the guest of Bob Justice.

P.D. Bradbury and Oley Adkins were loading out telegraph poles this week.

Mrs. Vick Thomas of Big Creek has been making soap this week for her daughter, Brooke. Brooke has been on the sick list this week. Hope she will soon recover.

Wonder who Nella Varney was looking for Sunday? She was seen up on the hill.

Hope Tom Duty will get him a sweetie soon. He seems to be downhearted.

J.A. Thomas of Estep is getting ready to put up a broom factory. I hope he will succeed nicely.

J.A. Duty and brother R.F. Duty are farming heavy this year. They have about twenty acres of corn planted and expect to grow about twelve acres of tobacco. R.F. says he can’t work any this summer and he is going to give his job to J.A.

Etta Thomas of Thomas Circle has been on the sick list the last few days.

Carl Varney was visiting home folks.

Good luck and best wishes to the dear old Banner.

Daily happenings: Brooke and her glasses; Burt and his Beech Nut tobacco; Gardner and his mules; Charley and his blacksmith shop; Tom and his smiles; Onna and her bobbed hair.