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An unknown local correspondent from Estep in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 14, 1926:

The boys of our town are hale and hearty and when they get the idea of looking for their “Better Half” the Estep boys certainly have the “pep.”

Gardner Baisden of Ellis attended church at Thomas Circle last Sunday. It is rumored that there are some other attractions in that town.

Among the many occurrences of the week, the most eventful occurred on last Sunday. Basil Harmon and Frank Chapman, both of Estep, were out horseback riding and when they saw an approaching automobile which they waved down and invited two of the girls out for a horse back ride. The girls complied to their wishes, so they all gallantly rode away.

Miss Charlotte Chapman returned to her home at Estep last Wednesday.

J.A. Thomas and J.W. Thomas of this place attended church at Thomas Circle last Sunday.

Good luck and good wishes to the Dear Old Banner.