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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 16, 1926:

Dwyer Coal Co. has suspended operation temporarily.

Some of our population doesn’t believe there are any birds. They never get up in time to hear them sing in the mornings.

If our singing school keeps on it will not be long until we have a choir equal to the Mud Fork quartet.

Everything seems to be unusually quiet here just now. Even the registrar of vital statistics had neither births nor deaths to report for March.

Dump Farley of Shively was in town one day last week getting his seng hoe sharpened.

Dump said he anticipates a fine May apple crop this season.

Rev. Tucker Hensley was expounding the scripture here Tuesday evening.

Strange as it may seem there are great big children here that have never saw their father in Sunday School.

The rural population have been coming into town the last few days. They have been isolated all winter. One man said if it stayed good weather ’til he came back he would have his hair cut.

J.D. Price is very ill with pleurisy.