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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 30, 1926:

Everything is quiet in Banco at present, but we don’t expect it to be so very long as we will soon hear the chimes of wedding bells and the wedding procession will throng our town.

J.W. Thomas of Estep was the all day guest of his sister, Mrs. D.H. Harmon, of this place, one day last week.

James A. Stone of this place, while out car riding one day last week, found it necessary to crank his car when he received a Ford kick which was very painful and broke one bone of his right arm.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jeffrey and children of Chapmanville were the weekend guests of Mr. Jeffrey’s mother, Mrs. Minta Jeffrey, near here.

Wonder what has become of the “dear hunter” at Estep?

Miss Maria Lucas has returned to her home at Banco after about six weeks in Chapmanville with an illness of measles and pneumonia. We sure are glad to have her back in Banco once more.

Misses Charlotte and Zella Chapman passed through Banco last Monday en route to Logan.

Victor Toney of Chapmanville was the guest of his uncle, Mr. B.B. Lucas, of Elm Street last Monday.

Miss Opal Workman of this place is visiting at Pumpkin Center this week.

Misses Ida Thomas, Pearl Hagen, and Ted Hager were calling on Miss Thomas’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Thomas, at Estep last Sunday.

Hassel Vance has purchased a fine pair of horses. He sure can take the girls out joyriding now.

Miss Minerva Vannatter of Dollie was shopping in Banco and Big Creek last Tuesday.

Wonder whose big car that was which went through Banco last week and attracted the attention of all the girls?

Joseph Vickers, formerly of Banco, after a long illness, died at the home of his oldest daughter, Mrs. Walton Garrett of Curry, W.Va., April 19th. His remains will be brought back to the Vickers cemetery on North Fork near his old home for interment.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Justice of Whitman were calling on relatives on Elm street last Sunday.

Robert Varney and little son Junior of Manbar were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duty of Spring Dale last Sunday.

Earl Justice has obtained a new job at Whitman.

Good luck to one and all.