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An unknown local correspondent from Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 16, 1926:

Here we come with more of the Big Creek news.

We are having some rain which has caused much delay in farm work.

W.G. Lucas who has been sick for quite a while was seen in his garden Saturday afternoon. We wish him much success and good health this season and his wife also.

The Big Creek school is progressing nicely. We have the best school in Chapmanville District this year and the best that has been known in Big Creek. We have the honor of being the First Standardized school in Chapmanville district. Other schools may be progressive but they can’t beat us. Miss Richardson says we are fine workers and we consider that a nice compliment. We were the first to finish the pupils Reading Circle work in the district. We also had the nicest social and the best programs and intend to have an excellent good time the 23rd of this month. What will we do when Miss Richardson and Miss Cottle leave? We know there will never be a better school taught in Big Creek.

Mr. F.W. Saltsman has had the depot cleaned. It sure does look nice.

The Pied Pipers of Hamlin are coming to Big Creek rather often. They don’t want to take away the rats, but it’s the pretty girls they want.

Mr. Midkiff sure has a good horse. I would like to take a horseback ride, wouldn’t you, Princess?

Archie Chapman got very wet while on a business errand Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Ward Shriver and Miss Mae Lucas were married at Ward Lucas’ home Saturday evening, April 10. We wish them much success.

Miss Lizzie Barker was a Saturday night guest of Miss Princess Butcher.

Miss Nannie Thomas was in Logan Monday.

Misses Marie Kitchen, Helen Shriver, Virginia Lilly, and Chrystine Kitchen took the Diploma test. Wonder why Julia didn’t take it? Have some more self-confidence, Julia.

Wonder who is going to be married next? Ikey and Bobbie, I hope.

Miss Myrtle Mobley seems to be all smiles. Wonder why?

We hope that all the people of Chapmanville will enjoy themselves at their singing school.

We expect to start a Sunday school the 1st Sunday in May.

Combinations: Bill Haze coming to Big Creek; Mae and her husband; Miss Richardson passing compliments on her good pupils; Myrtle and her smile; Ollie and her long hair; Jessie and his truck; John and his Dodge; Don and his long pants; Ottie and her new slippers; Ikey and Bobbie going to the show.

Good by old Banner.