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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 20, 1926:

Here we come with some more news from Banco.

This cold weather is disheartening for the farmers. Cheer up, farmers. The sun will get across the line after while.

Tom Duty has been singing the “Lonesome Road Blues”. Cheer up, Tom. Ray Varney has left Banco.

Susan Duty has been seriously ill for the past week.

Oma Varney and her sister were out walking Sunday.

Louis Pauley was a business caller at Willie Thomas’ Monday.

Thomas Circle is looking lively these days as Willie Thomas and Charlie Varney are plowing and getting ready to raise burley.

Bert Mullins was a pleasant caller at Jim Duty’s last Sunday. Wonder what he was talking about? Ask Lula. She might tell you.

Mrs. Hattie Varney and daughter Mabel were shopping in Banco last Monday.

Mrs. J.B. Thomas of Big Creek has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charlie Varney of Thomas Circle.

We are glad to say that Mrs. Varney’s little daughter Madeline is improving nicely of measles.

Tom Duty is looking pale these days. What is wrong, Tom? Has Bessie forsaken you?

I wonder what has become of Basil Duty? I never see him any more.

Nella Varney is getting ready to plant flowers this year.

Miss Hazel Thomas of this place celebrated her 17th birthday April 16th. Miss Thomas was presented with several presents and a fine dinner by her mother.

I wonder what has delayed our mail carrier today. Haven’t seen him yet.

Daily happenings: Tom walking the lonesome road; Bert with his chocolate; Hattie and her hood; Ona with her fur coat; Edith and her lip stick; Leva and her powder puff; Meda with her bobbed hair; Hattie and her bucket of eggs.

Dear old Banner, goodbye. We’ll meet you in dreamland again.