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An unknown local correspondent from Estep in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 19, 1926:

Business at this place a few months ago seemed to be on the wane but everything is looking more prosperous at this writing, we are glad to say.

Miss Ida Thomas of this town has obtained a new job. She is assistant postmaster of Estep office.

Taylor Stone of this place left for Blair on last Monday by motor. We imagine his trip will not be a pleasant one as the roads are reported to be in bad condition.

We suppose the South Penn workers are getting along nicely with their work on Ellis Fork as they have ten teams of horses working for them and there were more men seen going through his town last Sunday enroute for Head of Ellis Fork. We are informed those men were the derrick builders.

R.E. Ellis and L.M. Baisden will have to decline the idea of farming any this year as they will have so much other business to attend to that they cannot find time for farming.

Gartner Baisden of Ellis Fork has been very ill with measles but is rapidly improving and will soon be out again.

J.A. and J.W. Thomas were feuding last Tuesday. Stay with it boys. It may be warmer next summer.

Ted Hager of Lynn street was calling on his sweetie at Estep last Sunday.

Wonder why the local “Shlew” of Banco wasn’t seen in Estep last Sunday? Some of the Junior girls were expecting him.

It is reported that a big trade went through up at Banco addition last Monday evening. J.B. Lucas and W.H. Vickers swapped roosters.

Bernie Dunkle of Williamson was seen going through Estep last Monday afternoon on his way to the head of Ellis Fork.

J.A. Stone of Banco was a business caller in Estep last Monday morning.