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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 26, 1926:

We are expecting to hear the clang of wedding bells in our town once more. It has been so long since there has been a wedding at this place it would be a pleasant surprise to every one.

Miss Millie Lancaster was calling on Mrs. W.H. Vickers, Mrs. V.P. Conley, and Mrs. Julia Varney last Sunday afternoon

Messrs. J.M. Hager and J.A. Stone were callers at Spring Dale on Sunday afternoon.

Misses Ida and May Thomas and Anna Ferrell of Estep were shopping in Banco last Monday.

Mr. Journey Ferrell and Miss Pearl Hager of this place were visiting Mrs. Ella Gillenwater last Sunday.

Mrs. Martha Stone and Mrs. Mary Hager both of this place were visiting Aunt Mary Ann Duty last Sunday afternoon. Aunt Mary Ann is making her home with her son Charley at Spring Dale.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Barker and children and Mrs. Erther Hill of Estep passed through Banco last Saturday enroute for Big Creek.

Mrs. C.E. Mitchell of Big Creek was the Sunday night guest of Mrs. Mary Hager.

Robert E. Lee Thomas of Big Creek has obtained a job of driving a mule team for the South Penn Oil & Gas Co. at $118 per month and all expenses pay. Stay with it, Bobby!

Ground hog weather is over.

Mr. H.F. Lucas arrived in Banco, his old home town, last Friday and was given a hearty welcome by many of his old pals at this place.

Mr. Tom Vanatter of Big Ugly was shopping in Banco last Saturday.

Wonder why Jesse Justice is looking so downhearted these days? Cheer up, Jesse. Brighter days will come.

Miss Beatrice Lucas of Pumpkin Center was the Saturday night guest of Miss Opal Workman.

Mr. Basil Duty made a flying trip to Estep last Sunday.

Did Arnold fill your date for you Basil?

Robert Barker of Big Ugly was seen going through Banco last week with a load of furniture.

Teddy Hager of this place was calling on his best gal at Estep last Sunday as usual.

H.F. Lucas is painting this week.

Wonder what has become of the correspondent from Manila? Come on with your news, folks! We are always anxious to hear from your town.

Wonder what has become of the doll of Needmore? We never see him in our town anymore. There must be some attraction in that burg.