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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 26, 1926:

O.C. Winter has purchased the stock of merchandise of G.S. Ferrell and is now in business at the old stand.

Newton Munsey is now a man of leisure, but is thinking of purchasing a peanut roaster.

Prof. J.W. Addis now owns the controlling interest in the Loblolly Band. He is making arrangements to take them to Webster Springs on a tour.

We notice the State Police have recently done some good work at Big Creek. Why do they neglect Chapmanville? There certainly would be a royal welcome extended to them if they would visit this town.

Frank Ballard and Oscar Langdon left Tuesday for Nova Scotia.

The noise of political bees is beginning to be heard here now. I predict Chapmanville District will furnish some surprises in the coming election, even if we are not allowed a member of the county court.

Work on the new road is progressing nicely. We understand the grade will be completed in three months.

Don’t forget the meeting of the Board next Saturday to arrange for the High School. We need this, as a number of pupils from here are attending high school away this term and still a number here that would be attending if we had the school. So parents, wake up.

The Lone Scouts at Chapmanville spent the weekend (March 20-21) roaming about in the woods. Captain Willard Ward had little trouble leading. Cook Orville Barker had success at cooking and Baggage Carrier and Dish Washer Bruce Hensley did well with the baggage and poor dish washing. Captain Willard Ward, while hunting the “Rare Butterfly,” carved out enough rock to make a camp fireplace. Willard says the boys enjoyed the two days so well that they are going again soon.