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An unknown local correspondent from Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 2, 1926:

Dear old Banner, whose name I love.

I want to say Big Creek is a lively place but wonder what has become of all the writers? If some people have gone to sleep, Manila, Banco, and Chapmanville will not beat us. This is our motto: “Climb high though the rocks be rugged.”

We are having some nice weather for the past few days and the farmers are buying plough points while their wives are making sun bonnets.

The Big Creek school is progressing nicely under the management of Miss Edith G. Richardson and Miss Ikey E. Cottle.

Nannie F. and Princess B. say they have done more work this year than ever before. No wonder. Look who their teacher is. I think she takes much interest in school work.

Nannie, Marie, and Princess are well pleased with their writing diplomas.

Mr. Archie Chapman, a surveyor of Hamlin, seems to like Big Creek. Wonder what is attracting his attention.

There seems to be an increase in population at this place.

Many people were seen on 5th and Main street, Sunday afternoon.

Wonder how Princess likes her new watch by now?

We like the Henlawson motto and news. Come on with your news.

Wonder where Del Adams’ girl was Saturday night?

Ikey will soon be leaving Big Creek. Poor Bobbie. I’ll bet he will cry.

Combinations–Christine and Myrtle; Marie and Kennedy; Jessie and his smile; Princess and her arithmetic; Julia and her lipstick; Miss Richardson and her new bob; Nannie and her tablet.

Goodbye. Will call again next week if it doesn’t rain.