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From “Hardesty’s History of Lincoln County, West Virginia,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for John H. Napier, who resided at Hart in Lincoln County, West Virginia:

A son of Robert and Mary (Osburn) Napier, residents of Wayne county, West Virginia, was born in that county, August 22, 1843, and came to Lincoln county in 1879. He wedded Julia A. Ross, a native of Wayne county, born March 24, 1850, the marriage ceremony having taken place in that county June 4, 1865. The birth record of the six children of Mr. and Mrs. Napier is: James M.., born April 4, 1867; Robert L., February 11, 1870; Thomas B., March 4, 1863; Mary, June 14, 1875; Maria J., April 14, 1878; Tennessee, January 31, 1881. James M. and Nettie (Adkins) Ross, residents of Wayne county, are the parents of Mrs. Napier. John H. Napier was at one time superintendent of free schools in Wayne county. He was a faithful soldier in the late war, serving in the Confederate army. Mr. Napier is a prosperous merchant in Hart Creek district, with business headquarters at the mouth of the creek. He also owns 100 acres of good land in Wayne county. John H. Napier may be addressed at  Hart, Lincoln county, West Virginia.

SourceThe West Virginia Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 (Richwood, WV: Jim Comstock, 1974), p. 136.