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An unknown local correspondent from Yantus in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 30, 1926:

Here we come with a bit of news from Yantus.

We are having pretty weather down here and lots of farming is going on.

Miss Ida Sanders was horse back riding Sunday.

Misses Linnie White and Grace Stollings were visiting her parents Sunday.

We are sorry to say that Bee Bud Campbell broke a plow Saturday and was cutting a shine about it.

Bud Chapman made a flying trip to Ugly Sunday evening in a Ford roadster.

Mr. Mitch Stollings held a dance at his home Saturday night and it was well attended by the local people. The music was furnished by Hurst Butcher and Dillard Farris.

Hassel and Wilson Butcher attended the dance and reported a fine time.

H.T. Butcher is attending federal court at Charleston this week.

The Hugh Thompson school is progressing nicely under the tutorship of Mr. Bernard Forbes.

Arnold Christian’s sick cow is improving nicely under the care of Ed Chapman.

Dallas Hollingsworth has left for his home in Bethesda, Ohio after leaving his school at Tim’s Fork of Crawley.

Hubb Vance has got Cecil Butcher employed to grub for him.

The wedding bells will soon be ringing as John Cabell is farming for Bilton Conley.

We are sorry to report the sickness of Mr. Johnnie Butcher; he is very ill at this writing.

Bill Chapman is painting his Ford.

Odell Butcher is becoming a shark at shooting pool. If you don’t think so, ask the boys.

Abel Hall is making a road for his Studebaker. We think summer is coming at last.

Daily happenings–Hugh Butcher and his pistol; Hazel and her new slippers; Gracie and her new hose; Floyd and his wide belt; Andrew and his uniform; Bernard and his dinner bucket; Wilson and his Ford; John Cabell calling on Tiny; Clell and his mattock; Hurst and his banjo; Johnnie and his Studebaker watch.

Hurrah for the dear old Banner!