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From “Hardesty’s History of Lincoln County, West Virginia,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for George Thomas Holton, who resided at Fourteen in Lincoln County, West Virginia:

Was born in Cabell county, (now) West Virginia, February 11, 1847, and came to Lincoln county in 1872. His parents, James and Margaret (Cooper) Holton, were here when the county was organized. In Lincoln county, December 23, 1878, the Rev. W.A. Snodgrass united in marriage George Thomas Holton and Yantus Elkins. She was born in Logan county, West Virginia, June 16, 1860, and her parents, Andrew and Elizabeth (Elkins) Elkins, were residents of Lincoln county at the time of its organization. Mr. and Mrs. Holton have been blessed with two children: Minnie, born October 26, 1879, died August 29, 1882; Lenville Marion, born July 22, 1881. George Thomas Holton is a school teacher and a farmer in Hart Creek district, and receives his mail at Fourteen, Lincoln county, West Virginia.

SourceThe West Virginia Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 (Richwood, WV: Jim Comstock, 1974), p. 135.