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An unknown local correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 16, 1926:

Here I come again with news from Harts.

Georgia Curry and Roxie Tomblin were the guests of Mrs. Willie Browning Sunday.

Russell Curry and John Dalton were guests of Chas. Curry, Sunday.

John Dalton was calling on Miss Georgia Curry, Sunday evening.

Nora Browning was visiting her aunt Lizzie Tomblin Monday.

Russell Curry, Georgia Curry, and Roxie Tomblin took a joy ride Sunday evening.

Daily sights–Georgia and her pink hat; Roxie and her purple hat; Roxie and her hat going to Huntington.

Robert L. Dingess is going to close his school at Thompson Branch May 1st. Everybody is invited and are expecting to have a big time.

John Dalton was calling on Josephine Robinson Sunday.

Frank Mullins was calling on Lizzie Nelson Sunday.