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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 19, 1926:

Mrs. Carrie Burgess, of Chapmanville is visiting relatives at Manila.

A.J. Thomas, of Big Creek, was a business caller in this city last week.

Mrs. Allie Thomas, of Big Creek and daughter, Miss Dicy, visited Chapmanville friends recently.

Simmie Bias, of Manila, was taken to the Kessler-Hatfield hospital last week.

C.A. Vickers is ill at this writing.

The population is increasing at Chapmanville.

W.H. Garrett was seen on our streets driving a one horse wagon.

Willie Stollings was a business caller here last week. He hauled a few sacks of chop. He was last seen pushing on his wagon up the Chapmanville hill. He reports bad roads.

Messrs. Seybert Hager and Rommie Barker, of Manila were seen in this city recently.

Charley Barker made a business trip to Logan Saturday.

Mrs. Bertha Bryant still makes her home at John Bias’ residence since her father moved away.

Mrs. Lula Vickers has been visiting relatives at Logan for the past week.

Miss Dorothy Baisden was a pleasant caller at Mrs. Martha Roberts this week.

J.A. Drake likes Chapmanville. He sticks there like paper on a wall.

Mrs. Martha Robert is on the sick list this week.