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From “Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Thomas C. Whited, who resided at Logan Court House in Logan County, West Virginia:

Of Logan C.H., was born in Russell county, Va., Nov. 25, 1854, and resided there till 1870, when he sent several years traveling in the western part of the United States; in 1877 he located at Logan C.H., and was engaged in teaching; was appointed in 1880 a member of the board of examiners for that county; this position he held until 1885, when he was elected county superintendent of public schools, which position he filled with much credit, and resigned in 1886, having been elected clerk of Circuit Court. He was married March 4, 1880, to Celia Totten. They have been blessed with the following offspring, born in order here given: Effie, born Feb. 20, 1882; Willie G., born Aug. 17, 1884; Hattie P., born Nov. 16, 1886; Addie B., born April 25, 1889. Mrs. Thomas C. Whited was born at Logan C.H., W.Va., Sept. 22, 1861. Her father, Rev. John A. Totten, a minister of the M.E. Church, was born in Oakland, Md., was married to Juditha Bonnifield in Randolph county, W.Va., and died in Greenbrier county, W.Va., in the Confederate camp, in 1861. His widow lives at Logan C.H. The subject of this sketch is a son of Robert and Anna (Meadows) Whited. The father, born near Lynchburg, Va., March 7, 1819, is now residing in Chautauqua county, Kan., where he owns extensive and valuable property, and is one of the largest stock raisers in that State. His wife, and the mother of Thomas C. Whited, was born near Lynchburg, Va., in 1821, and died in Russell county, Va., April 3, 1869. The Whited or Whitehead family came originally from Ireland to Virginia, and were among the first settlers of that State. Its branches are scattered in almost every State of the Union, and particularly in the Western States. They have always been people of influence and position, and noted for honor, industry and energy.

Source: Dr. R.A. Brock, Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888 (Richmond, VA: H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, 1888), p. 845-846.