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An unknown local correspondent from Leet in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 18, 1924:

We are real glad to see our bit of news in the dear old Banner.

Most every body attended church on Laurel Fork Sunday. Everyone reported a nice time.

Charley Huffman made a flying trip visiting relatives and friends, Sunday.

Miss Flora Rickman entertained her friend, Mr. Dial, Sunday.

Mr. James Brumfield and his son, Wetzel, were the dinner guests of friends Sunday.

Miss Thelma E. Huffman made a flying trip to Lucas, W.Va., Sunday.

Willie Payne and Anderson were seen going up the Big Ugly road, Sunday. Wonder where they were aiming?

Wayne C. Brumfield is still on the farm. Thelma says he’s real sweet.

Walter Dial will soon leave for up the river. Gee but won’t Nora be lonesome!

Sherman Lilly was calling on Miss Ruby Ferrell, Sunday evening.

Bunch Lambert and Miss Kate Reynolds were seen out horse back riding Sunday.

Rev. Jim Gee will hold services on Laurel Fork, August 21st.

Miss Nora Lucas and Ramsey Ferrell took a joy ride Sunday.

Miss Gladys Payne will remain at Silas, W.Va., for a few days.

Miss Thelma Huffman and brother, Charley, visited Mr. and Mrs. William Gill last Sunday evening.

Good by and best wishes to the dear old Banner and its readers.