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From “Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Wyatt B. Shannon, who resided at Oceana in Wyoming County, West Virginia:

Editor of the Wyoming weekly News, was born in Wyoming county, W.Va., Dec. 16, 1831; his parents were married in that county in 1830; his father, James H. Shannon, was born in what is now Wyoming county, Dec. 31, 1808, and died there June 14, 1890; his wife, Renee Gore, and mother of the subject of this record, was born in Logan county, W.Va., Jun 1810, and died in Wyoming county June 14, 1888. The father is of Irish lineage, the mother of German. Their first born, the subject of this sketch, was married in Wyoming county, W.Va., May 19, 1853, to Sarah A. Gadd, who was born March 9, 1837; their children’s record is as follows: Jasper J., born Feb. 24, 1854, is now married; Vanlinden B.H., born Sept. 3, 1856, died Aug. 27, 1860; Haven R.C., born May 2, 1858, died Sept. 20, 1860; Wyatt A., born May 28, 1860, died June 24, 1864; Lightburn L., born Feb. 21, 1863, now married; Richard A., born Feb 12, 1866, now married; Ulysses G., born May 16, 1868, now married; Laura Ann, born Oct. 14, 1870; Vida B., born March 14, 1873; May, born May 1, 1877; a babe, unnamed, stillborn. The parents of Mrs. Wyatt B. Shannon, James and Rhoda Thornton Gadd, were married in Franklin county, Va., in 1826; the father was born in that county in 1808 and died June 29, 1888; the mother, born in the same county in 1804, now resides in Tennessee; the former was of Irish descent, the latter is of Scotch. Wyatt B. Shannon enlisted in 1863 in the U.S. army and served until honorably discharged and mustered out at the close of the war of the Rebellion. In 1860 he was elected justice of the peace, and at the close of the war was appointed to the same position by Government; after serving some time, he resigned, and in 1876 was elected to the same office and held it until elected sheriff in 1884, which office he held a full term of four years. In 1887 he began the publication of the Wyoming weekly News, which he has since successfully edited. He is an able and efficient officer, a useful and highly esteemed citizen, always read to aid any enterprise that tends to advance the mental, moral and financial interests of the people. His address is Oceana, Wyoming county, W.Va.

Source: Dr. R.A. Brock, Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888 (Richmond, VA: H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, 1888), p. 839.