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From “Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Henry Clay Ragland, who resided at Logan, West Virginia:

Is of a family that has long been one of the most influential in the State. The founder of the family in America, John Ragland, came to this country directly from Wales, and settled in Virginia about the year 1630; his great-grandson, Finch Ragland, grandfather of the subject of the sketch, was a patriot of 1776 and fought through the Revolutionary war; his descendants have all inherited the spirit of patriotism, and have ever been foremost in enhancing the interests and defending the rights of their country. Thomas Eads, maternal grandfather of H.C. Ragland, was a soldier in the war of 1812. When the war between the States broke out in 1861 Henry Clay Ragland was among the first to volunteer his services in the cause of the South; he was a member of the 5th Va. Cav., was twice wounded, and was a prisoner at Point Lookout from Sept., 1864, to March, 1865. Since 1874 he has resided in Logan county, W.Va., where he is now editor of the Logan county Banner, besides has an extensive law practice in Logan and adjoining counties, being regarded as one of the leading lights in the profession. From 1886 to 1888 he was a member of the West Virginia legislature, in which he served with honor and distinction. His address is Logan Court House, W.Va. Mr. H.C. Ragland was born in Goochland county, Va., on the 7th of May, 1844; his wife, nee Miss Louisa Goings, was born in Lawrence county, Ky.; they were married at Logan Court House, W.Va., June 9, 1877.

Source: Dr. R.A. Brock, Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888 (Richmond, VA: H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, 1888), p. 836-837.