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The Hugh Dingess Family Cemetery, which I visited on 24 August 2014, is located on Smokehouse Fork of Harts Creek in Logan County, WV. Driving up Smokehouse Road from the old Shively Post Office, it is located to the right of the road just past Hugh Dingess Hollow (or Bill’s Branch, as the stream is sometimes called). I updated this cemetery list on 3 August 2015.

Row 1

rock headstone and footstone

Fisher Dingess — tin marker; born about 1917; s/o Willis and Bertha (Adkins) Dingess

Viola Dingess — tin marker; born 23 August 1919; d/o Willis and Bertha (Adkins) Dingess; died 23 July 1921

Cleo Dingess — tin marker

Viola Dingess (15 April 1860-12 October 1896); d/o Harvey S. and Patsy Ann (Adams) Dingess; m. Hugh Dingess

Hugh Dingess (01 June 1858-23 May 1916); s/o Henderson and Sarah (Adams) Dingess

rock headstone

rock headstone and footstone (baby)

rock headstone and footstone

B. BRU — This is Bill Brewster; born 10 April 1854; s/o James and L. (Holbrook) Brewster; m. Nancy Cline (sister to Matilda Cline); died 24 July 1921

Row 2

Harry Dingess (12 April 1930-1940)

(small gap between graves)

rock headstone and footstone

square rock headstone and small rock footstone

Mathew Dingess — tin marker


rock headstone and footstone, both fell over (baby)

rock headstone fell over with footstone?

little rock headstone located out of sync with Row 2 just below the footstones for the graves of Don and Bruce Dingess in Row 3

Row 3

rock headstone laying with small rock beside of it protruding upward

tiny rock headstone protruding upward, large rock footstone

rock headstone

square rock headstone laying on ground


smashed rock headstone, thick square footstone

little rock headstone

Don Braudis Dingess (28 September 1913-18 April 1948); s/o Charles Everett and Bessie (Cline) Dingess

Bruce Dingess — tin marker; born 26 July 1900; s/o Hugh and Matilda (Cline) Dingess; died 06 February 1940

Delphia Dingess (03 May 1903-16 July 1971); d/o Charles and Minerva (Vance) Hager; m. Charles Evert Dingess

Row 4

Sally Dingess (01 January 1898-16 August 1986); d/o Harvey and Flora Belle (Farley) Dingess; m. Millard Dingess

Millard Dingess (30 September 1892-10 December 1956); s/o Hugh and Viola (Dingess) Dingess

(gap between graves)

Wallace Dingess (December 1886-September 1944); s/o Hugh and Viola (Dingess) Dingess

Betty Dingess (1894-1938); d/o David and Nancy Ann (Cabell) Farmer; m. Wallace Dingess

Henry Dingess (24 June 1928-06 November 1966); s/o Wallace and Betty (Farmer) Dingess; WV PFC INFANTRY

Row 5

“T.D.” on rock footstone behind Wallace Dingess — this is Terry Dingess, s/o Dave and Dorothy (Farley) Dingess

(gap in graves)

John Dingess (19 January 1900-29 October 1955)

Blaine Dingess (1906-1955); s/o Hugh and Matilda (Cline) Dingess

Matilda Dingess (17 October 1878-03 July 1962); d/o James and Pricie (Roberts) Cline; m1. ?; m2. Hugh Dingess; m3. Charles Hager

Row 6

Mary Dingess (1932-2005)

Donna Jean Dingess (22 July 1937-31 July 1975)

tin marker — name and date gone

Row 7

John M. Slone (11 October 1982-11 October 1982)

Martha Dingess (08 July 1923-17 January 1998); d/o Millard and Sally (Dingess) Dingess

Pauline Dingess (17 May 1921-07 April 2003); d/o Millard and Sally (Dingess) Dingess; m. Charles Edward Dingess

Others Reportedly Buried Here:

Thelma Dingess (August 1924-22 August 1927); d/o Millard and Sally (Dingess) Dingess

Janett Dingess (1930-16 August 1934); d/o Charles Everett and Delphia (Hager) Dingess

Harvey Dingess (13 April 1930-24 June 1941); s/o Millard and Sally (Dingess) Dingess