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In 1979, Roxie Leana (Dalton) Adkins, daughter of James and Viola (Tomblin) Dalton, wrote a history of her family, which includes memories of her early life on Harts Creek. Roxie, born in 1904, married Willis Adkins in 1924 and mothered nine children. In the late 1990s, Roxie’s daughter Emerald (Adkins) Fleming gave this history to me.

This is the Dalton family tree as far back as I have learned of the record of my great-great-grandparents, Jim Dalton (“Old Yellow Jim” as he was called) and Virginia Workman. I don’t know Yellow Jim’s age or his death but I have heard talk of him and his family. His wife was always called Jane. They came down from Tazewell, Virginia before the kids were born or some of them. Their two sons were Moses (“Wog” as he was called) and Peter (no nickname). Moses “Wog” married America Thompson.

Moses “Wog” and America Dalton had Elizabeth Dalton, who married Billie Kinder, and James Dalton, who married Viola Tomblin. Viola first married Paris Smith. He died in July of 1893. Her son by this first marriage was Joe Smith. Joe married Laura Simpkins and their children were Elvin Smith, Albert Smith, Goldie Smith, Velvie Smith, Herbert Chilton Smith, Sidney Smith, Dixie Smith and Leana Smith. Ruth Smith and David Smith died as infants.

James and Viola had eight children: Melvin, born May 2, 1900; Robert, born February 23, 1902; Roxie Leana, born April 11, 1904; John, born March 20, 1906; Howard, born September 22, 1908; Leonard, born March 15, 1911; George, born April 15, 1914; and Ruth, born June 17, 1918.

Yellow Jim’s daughters were Fine Malinda Dalton, who married John Nester, and Pratt Dalton, who had a son by Reece Myres named Reese Jr. (but who was always known as Wid Dalton). Pratt married Moses Tomblin and had five sons: Jim Tomblin, Lewis Doad Tomblin, Peter Tomblin, William Tomblin, John Tomblin and one daughter, Charlotte Tomblin, who died small.

Other daughters of Yellow Jim were Causby Dalton who married Thomas Conley, Sarah Dalton who married Bock Conley, and Mary Ann Dalton who married John Morgan Adams. She was always called “Poos.”