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An unnamed local correspondent at Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on 17 April 1925:

Moses and Willie Tomblin are operating a saw mill.

James Mullins is doing some building now.

Harve Smith and his little son had a great fox chase.

Wonder if Charley Tomblin is hunting any now.

Rufus Tomblin is busy farming this week.

Preston Collins is loading coal for Clyde.

Peter Carter was seen hauling meat for James Mullins.

Everet and General were business guests at Sol Adams Tuesday.

Wonder why Grover likes eggs so well?

Doke Tomblin is putting up a large string of paling.

Geo. W. Hensley and Charley Curry were on Crawley’s Creek Sunday. Wonder who they were looking for?

Troy Vance and Miss Almeda Baisden were married Monday.

Wonder why Asburn don’t come to Buck Fork now?

Win Bryant is suffering a broken shoulder by falling from a mule, Friday.

James Mullins has about completed arrangements to occupy his new store.

Bird Bryant made a trip to Whirlwind Sunday.

We had a fine singing school at Bulwark Sunday.

Charles Curry was a visitor to the singing school Sunday.

George Hensley made a business trip to Logan last week.