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“Quongo Tandem,” a local correspondent at Dingess in present-day Mingo County, West Virginia, offered the following items, written on August 26, 1891, which the Logan County Banner printed on September 3, 1891:

Wm. Mullins is able to walk about with the aid of crutches.

John Workman, sawyer at Wellman mill, has returned after a brief visit in Wayne county.

Vane Dingess, our wide-awake merchant, has enclosed the lot adjoining his new store with a neat board fence.

Contractor Tresher has returned from Pittsburg with his family and is domiciled in one of the “camp cottages.” His present contract demands his presence at this point.

On Tuesday last Brit Wellman, proprietor of the saw-mill at this place, procured a warrant and searched the premises of W.R. Ellis in request of chains, a yoke, a pair of lines, etc., said to have been stolen by the latter. Part of the property was recovered and the end is not yet.

Monday evening two of our “callud breddun,” preachers of the word, held forth at Camp Locker to a large congregation. As our native Hottentots are much given to “shooting craps” “chuck-a-luck” and similar delectable games, this will doubtless prove a good field for mission work.

On Monday, the 17th inst., at the residence of A.S. Wellman, Mr. Elisha Wellman and Miss Tillie McCloud were united in the bonds of wedlock. Elder Dingess, in his usual impressive manner, spoke the words that made them one. Mr. Wellman is one of Dingess’ best known young men with a host of friends, and his bride, a beautiful young lady from Twelve Pole, no less noted for her many endearing qualities than for her many graces of person. Mr. Wellman is to be congratulated upon his fortunate conquest, and if well wishes count for anything, the happy couple’s future will be one continued summer day. They will reside at Ceredo.