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From “Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Captain Henry Blankenship, who resided at North Spring, West Virginia:

Son of Eli and Polly (Smith) Blankenship, was born Mar. 11, 1828, in Wyoming county, W.Va. His father was born Mar. 6, 1780, in Giles county, Va., and died Sept. 16, 1849; his mother was born Jan. 5, 1781, in Smythe county, Va., dying July 25, 1883. Both parents died in Wyoming county, W.Va., where they had been long honored residents. On Dec. 4, 1844, Capt. Blankenship was joined in wedlock with Polly, daughter of David and Nellie (Cook) Morgan, who were born in Wyoming county, where they lived and died. Her father was born Sept. 9, 1808, and died April 7, 1869; her mother born June 15, 1869, dying on Oct. 10, 1843. Capt. Blankenship was elected constable of Wyoming county in 1852, serving two years. He enlisted in the Confederate States army in 1861; commissioned first lieutenant of Co. B, 4th Va. V.I., serving two years, and promoted captain, then serving two years longer; discharged in 1865 in Smythe county, Va. After the war he was elected justice of the peace, serving one term, re-elected in 1872. In 1886 he was sworn in as deputy sheriff, and is also notary public; always a trustworthy and honorable officer. He is one of the most successful and prosperous farmers of his section, owning an extensive tract of coal and timber lands near North Spring, W.Va., which is his post office address.

Source: Dr. R.A. Brock, Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888 (Richmond, VA: H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, 1888), 816-817.