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“Reporter,” a local correspondent from Gill in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, June 14, 1923:

Miss Janie Thompson was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sperry, and also assisted them while ill with the measles.

Earn Cooper, of Hager, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. W.M. Sperry, and also Mr. and Mrs. Ward Spears, the latter part of last week.

Elmer Fry has been hauling bank posts and ties the past week.

Hal Cyphers has been working at Omar the past week.

Quite a number of people from this section have been going to Logan to hear Billy Sunday preach.

W.M. Sperry and Andy Cyphers attended meeting at Sand Creek last Sunday.

J.E. Gore, Cancer Specialist of Madison, was here recently.

Ferguson Evans has moved to Hubball, where he will have employment in the mines.

The loafers, rats and moonshiners are not so thick around Gill at present as they have been.

Our Ticket Agent, C.M. Adkins, remains on the job at this place and knows business when he sees it.

Will Cyphers, of Wayne county, was the over Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cyphers. He reports the crops in Wayne good.