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The following entries were published in R.L. Polk’s West Virginia State Gazetteer and Business Directory (1923-1924):

FERRELLSBURG. Population 100. On the Guyandotte Valley branch of the C&O Ry, in Lincoln County, 30 miles south of Hamlin, the county seat, and 18 north of Logan, the nearest banking town. Telephone connection. Express, American. Tel, W U Mail daily.

J.W. Stowers, general store

HARTS. (R.R. name is Hart.) Population 150. On the Guyandot Valley branch of the C&O R.R., in Lincoln County, 30 miles south of Hamlin, the county seat, and 21 from Logan, the banking point. U.B. church. Express, American. Telephone connection. Herbert Adkins, postmaster

Anthony Adams, general store

Adkins Barber Shop

Catherine Adkins, general store

Della Adkins, general store

Hazel Adkins, ice cream parlor

HERBERT ADKINS, Real Estate, Postmaster,  R R and Tel Agt

Watson Adkins, general store

Hendrix Brumfield, lawyer

Rev. Charles Curry, pastor (UB)

John Dingess, blacksmith

John Dingess Lumber Co.

Hollena Ferguson, general store

Wesley Ferguson, poultry breeder

John Garten, justice of the peace

Jeremiah Lambert, general store

Porter Hotel (Saddie Adkins)

C.W. Rice, physician

John Thompson, general store

William M. Workman, general store

WHIRLWIND. Population 275. In Logan County, 16 miles northwest of Logan, the county seat and banking point, and 2 from Dingess, the shipping point. Express, American. Baptist church. Mail daily. James Mullins, postmaster.

D. Adams, apiarist

Frank Adams, produce

Grover Adams, ginseng grower

Sol Adams, lumber mfr

Lindsey Blair, watchmaker

Reece Dalton, live stock

G.W. Damron, R R and express agt

C.W. Mullins, ginseng grower

George Mullins, horse dealer

JAMES MULLINS, General Store, Photographer and Postmaster

Willie Tomblin, blacksmith

Peter Workman, barber