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“Flossie,” a local correspondent from Atenville or Fourteen in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Democrat printed on Thursday, April 4, 1918:

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Sias and little daughter Maymie have returned to their home at Yates after spending a week with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Midkiff of Atenville.

Elbert Smith of Ranger has been very ill with small pox.

Elijah Midkiff has returned to his work at Earling after a visit with his parents.

Misses Anna and Cuba Adkins and their brother Bill returned to their work near Logan Monday morning.

Miss A. Adkins is very low with fever.

Miss Emmar Midkiff is visiting her sister Mrs. Millard Sias this week.

Woodrow Bills purchased five fine hogs from Billy Midkiff Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Resnic of Virginia are visiting their aunt.

The school on Fourteen is progressing nicely this term.

Miss Sarah Midkiff made a flying trip to Atenville Monday morning.

Best wishes for the Lincoln Democrat.