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An unnamed correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Democrat printed on Thursday, April 4, 1918:

Will Adkins, of Canoe Fork of Ruff hollow was visiting his friend Herbert Adkins Sunday.

J.F. Willhoit was a business visitor in Huntington recently.

Miss Kathleen Vass is visiting friends in Branchland this week.

B.C. Powers sold Herbert Adkins a fine Black Beauty wheel this week.

Mrs. Heallinea Willnoit was in Huntington the past week.

Miss Virgie Brumfield who has been staying with her grandmother for the last two weeks was visiting home folks Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Bessie and Anna Brumfield were shopping in Harts last week.

F.B. Adkins of Ferrellsburg was here recently and purchased a five year old mule. He is intending to raise a large corn and tobacco crop this season. He is very much pleased with his trade.

Lewis Dempsey & Sons have rented Herbert Adkins’ farm on which they are preparing to raise a large potato crop. They have quit the stave business.

James Brumfield of Greenshoal passed through town Sunday en route to S.H. Adkins and returned with five bushels of soup beans, he is preparing for the scarcity of provision.

Catherine Adkins, merchant of Harts has been on the sick list for the past few days but is recovering slowly. We regret her illness.