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“Observer,” a local correspondent from Ferrellsburg in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, February 14, 1918:

The infant child of Henry Bryant died suddenly Monday.

Miss Ruby Adkins gave a Birthday dinner Saturday. Those present were: Miss Dollie Toney and her school enmasse, Mrs. Arena Ferrell, Miss Ethel Daves, Miss Roxie Adkins, Miss Nettie Bryant, Messrs. Homer Hager, and Musco Dingess. The school children being trained by their teacher, who is especially fitted for training little ones, rendered a very interesting and entertaining program.

Miss Iva Adkins has been real sick this week.

It is reported that “Coon” Tomblin, President of the Local Bootleggers Union has been arrested and placed in jail at Logan. This is quite a shock to the members of the Union, being the first time they have been interrupted for two years.

Supt. F.B. Adkins returned from Hamlin Saturday and is husking corn.

Aunt Sinda Adkins has been seriously ill the past week.

Albert Messer and family, of Buffalo, are visiting relatives at this place.

Jake Mathes, of Huntington, who is sawing for Philip Hager, returned Monday and is making the mill hum.

Quite a lot of the boys are preparing to leave for the training camp the 27th.