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“Observer,” a local correspondent from Leet in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, March 11, 1915:

There is an alarming lot of sickness in this vicinity at present.

Mrs. John B. Toney, Mrs. Wirt Toney, Misses Dixie and Kizzie Toney, Edna Hager and Elmer Ferrell are all very ill with typhoid fever. Drs. Crockett and Henley are in constant attendance.

Philip Hager, of Hamlin, is here with his daughter, Edna, who is seriously ill with typhoid fever. Misses Madge, Pearl and Ida Hager are also here with their sister, Miss Edna.

Charles Hendrick of Barboursville, was visiting on the creek Saturday and Sunday.

John B. Mullins has gone to Island Creek, where he has employment.

Business is at a stand still here and work is scarce.

A Knights of Pythias lodge was organized at Big Creek Saturday night. Albert Gill, C.C. Fry, Lenzie Lane and Chas. Bolin, of this place were charter members.

Jeff Miller has rented Philip Hager’s farm at the mouth of Big Sulphur and is preparing for a large crop.

The European war makes flour $9.00 per barrel; coal $1.00 per ton; cuts the price of lumber in halves; doubles the price of sugar and cuts the ginseng market “clean out.” Automatic-reversible-double-action — that war.

In all the criticism of the Governor by the democratic press, we have never seen where they claim that the rates of the Light and Heating Co. ought not to have been reduced. Then if they were too high, why all this hue and cry?

Mrs. General Gillenwater is real sick, being threatened with pneumonia.

Mrs. John M. Hager has been indisposed for several days.

John Hunter has been confined to his room the past week.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reynolds, born last Thursday, died Sunday.

J.B. Lambert, who is working at Sharples, Logan county, spent Saturday and Sunday with his family here.

Jeff Duty has purchased Paris Bell’s farm. Mr. Bell has purchased the Noah Adkins farm.