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An unknown local correspondent in Lincoln County, West Virginia offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, November 27, 1913:

Big Ugly Engine Turns Turtle

The dinky freight engine on the Big Ugly line which runs from Gill to the company commissary turned turtle one day the latter part of last week seriously injuring engineer John Hatten and Freeman Spears. Both were terribly scalded, Spears so badly that his recovery is doubtful. Hatten was not so badly injured and is getting along nicely. Freeman Spears, who resided in this city until recently, is the regular fireman on the log engine on the same line, and was making the run on the freight engine for his brother, Noah Spears. We were unable to learn further regarding the incident.

Ranger News

The oldest merchants in this section of the country are just now engaged in the first settlement for 25 years, the A.M. Adkins & Bros. The second partner was Hansford Adkins, who deeded his interests to his son and daughter, M.F. Adkins and Mrs. Florence Smith, now are making this settlement covering a period of 25 years. Hansford is now citizen of Ferrellsburg, having recently moved to his newly erected home at that place.

D.E. Hatfield has a new blue-eyed baby at his home.