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One of the more interesting sources on the Cain Adkins family was Glenna Epling, a schoolteacher in Wayne, West Virginia. Glenna, the great-granddaughter of Boney Lucas, told Brandon that Paris Brumfield accused Lucas of “messing with” a fifteen-year-old Brumfield girl. Lucas, who was innocent of the charge, was killed by Brumfield after he had said something “out of the way” to the young girl. At some point thereafter, Boney’s widow Angeline, armed with a gun, laid in wait for Brumfield at a rock. Millard Lucas (Glenna’s grandfather), who was supposedly nine years old, asked her why she was going to kill “Uncle Paris.” She put the gun down and said, “I almost made a mistake like the Brumfields made.” (This event would have occurred circa 1889, as Millard was born in 1880.)

Millard told Glenna that Angeline — his own mother — was a “bad woman.” After Boney’s death, she moved to Catlettsburg, Kentucky, and to Wayne County. At some point, she joined a traveling show as a dancer and left her children home alone with food and instructions not to go to Grandpa Cain’s house. Later, she married an Adams. Perhaps for obvious reasons, Glenna said the Lucases on Green Shoal in Lincoln County never wanted anything to do with Boney’s family.