Big Creek 06.06.1924


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An unknown local correspondent from Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 6, 1924:

We sure are having some weather down here at present time.

Miss Georgia Thomas named her son after Con Chafin.

Miss Myrtle Mobley arrived home from Logan Tuesday.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Elkins, a fine big boy on May 25.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hager of Hamlin have been visiting relatives of Big Creek.

Ms. Erskine Elkins paid Rector, W.Va., a visit Sunday. Erskine tell us if you saw Sadie.

Miss Georgia Lilly looks awful lonesome since Mr. Dennie Morris broke with her.

Gracie tell us why you let Rubie take Earl.

Miss Ethel Elkins and Mr. Earthel Hill are engaged to be married June 25.

Rev. I.J. Elkins preached an interesting sermon at Limestone Sunday.

Mr. George Shackleford of Henlawson was visiting Big Creek Sunday. Tell us George why you were looking across the river so lonesome like.

Mr. Jessie Toney must have the blues about something. He plays the Victrola from 8 o’clock in the morning until 10 in the afternoon. His favorite piece is “Red Hot Mama.”

Mrs. Earley Trent of Glen Alum is visiting Mrs. Luther Elkins.

Mrs. Nan Vance has been ill for several days but is improving now.

Mr. Franklin Estep had a long chat with Miss Ethel Elkins this morning.

Gladys, you better step up or she will beat your time.

Leet 07.18.1924


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An unknown local correspondent from Leet in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 18, 1924:

We are real glad to see our bit of news in the dear old Banner.

Most every body attended church on Laurel Fork Sunday. Everyone reported a nice time.

Charley Huffman made a flying trip visiting relatives and friends, Sunday.

Miss Flora Rickman entertained her friend, Mr. Dial, Sunday.

Mr. James Brumfield and his son, Wetzel, were the dinner guests of friends Sunday.

Miss Thelma E. Huffman made a flying trip to Lucas, W.Va., Sunday.

Willie Payne and Anderson were seen going up the Big Ugly road, Sunday. Wonder where they were aiming?

Wayne C. Brumfield is still on the farm. Thelma says he’s real sweet.

Walter Dial will soon leave for up the river. Gee but won’t Nora be lonesome!

Sherman Lilly was calling on Miss Ruby Ferrell, Sunday evening.

Bunch Lambert and Miss Kate Reynolds were seen out horse back riding Sunday.

Rev. Jim Gee will hold services on Laurel Fork, August 21st.

Miss Nora Lucas and Ramsey Ferrell took a joy ride Sunday.

Miss Gladys Payne will remain at Silas, W.Va., for a few days.

Miss Thelma Huffman and brother, Charley, visited Mr. and Mrs. William Gill last Sunday evening.

Good by and best wishes to the dear old Banner and its readers.

Wyatt B. Shannon


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From “Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Wyatt B. Shannon, who resided at Oceana in Wyoming County, West Virginia:

Editor of the Wyoming weekly News, was born in Wyoming county, W.Va., Dec. 16, 1831; his parents were married in that county in 1830; his father, James H. Shannon, was born in what is now Wyoming county, Dec. 31, 1808, and died there June 14, 1890; his wife, Renee Gore, and mother of the subject of this record, was born in Logan county, W.Va., Jun 1810, and died in Wyoming county June 14, 1888. The father is of Irish lineage, the mother of German. Their first born, the subject of this sketch, was married in Wyoming county, W.Va., May 19, 1853, to Sarah A. Gadd, who was born March 9, 1837; their children’s record is as follows: Jasper J., born Feb. 24, 1854, is now married; Vanlinden B.H., born Sept. 3, 1856, died Aug. 27, 1860; Haven R.C., born May 2, 1858, died Sept. 20, 1860; Wyatt A., born May 28, 1860, died June 24, 1864; Lightburn L., born Feb. 21, 1863, now married; Richard A., born Feb 12, 1866, now married; Ulysses G., born May 16, 1868, now married; Laura Ann, born Oct. 14, 1870; Vida B., born March 14, 1873; May, born May 1, 1877; a babe, unnamed, stillborn. The parents of Mrs. Wyatt B. Shannon, James and Rhoda Thornton Gadd, were married in Franklin county, Va., in 1826; the father was born in that county in 1808 and died June 29, 1888; the mother, born in the same county in 1804, now resides in Tennessee; the former was of Irish descent, the latter is of Scotch. Wyatt B. Shannon enlisted in 1863 in the U.S. army and served until honorably discharged and mustered out at the close of the war of the Rebellion. In 1860 he was elected justice of the peace, and at the close of the war was appointed to the same position by Government; after serving some time, he resigned, and in 1876 was elected to the same office and held it until elected sheriff in 1884, which office he held a full term of four years. In 1887 he began the publication of the Wyoming weekly News, which he has since successfully edited. He is an able and efficient officer, a useful and highly esteemed citizen, always read to aid any enterprise that tends to advance the mental, moral and financial interests of the people. His address is Oceana, Wyoming county, W.Va.

Source: Dr. R.A. Brock, Virginia and Virginians, 1606-1888 (Richmond, VA: H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, 1888), p. 839.

Lew Sias Family Cemetery (2015)


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The Andrew Lewis “Lew” Sias Family Cemetery, which I visited on 23 August 2015, is located in the headwaters of East Fork of Fourteen Mile Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia.

Row 1

Edgar Sias; born February 1924; s/o Pearlie and Mary (Wiley) Sias

(large gap)

rock headstone and footstone

Row 2

rock headstone and footstone

rock headstone and footstone

Rosa Gartin (29 May 1880-23 August 1905); d/o John C. and Margaret (LaForce) Neace; m. John Gartin

W.W.B. — Willice W. Brumfield, born September 1884; grandson to John S. and Cynthia (Smith) Brumfield in 1900

Row 3

rock headstone and footstone — Ed Anderson (c.1890-c.1945)

Ida Belle Anderson (25 March 1912-07 March 1979)

(large gap)

rock headstone and footstone

Martha Ellen Sias Brumfield (12 April 1848-30 October 1907); d/o Jeremiah and Sarah (Hedrick) Lambert; m1. Andrew Lewis Sias; m2. John S. “Jack” Brumfield

Andrew Lewis Sias (28 May 1842-1895); s/o James and Rebecca (Adkins) Sias; CO D 34TH BN VA CAV

Gary Wayne Bennett (18 January 1951-14 April 2011)

Row 4

Della Spaulding (1924-1988); d/o Lace and Armilda (Williamson) Wiley

rock headstone and footstone; c/o John and Rosa Belle (Neace) Gartin

rock headstone and footstone; c/o John and Rosa Belle (Neace) Gartin

rock headstone and footstone — Joseph Marion Elkins (14 August 1857-22 September 1916), s/o Andrew and Elizabeth (Elkins) Elkins

Andrew Lewis Sias grave (2015)


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Mom and I recently placed a military marker at the grave of Andrew Lewis Sias, who served in Company D, 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. Lew Sias is my great-great-great-grandfather. He is buried in the head of East Fork of Fourteen Mile Creek, Lincoln County, WV.

Leet 06.27.1924


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An unknown local correspondent from Leet in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 27, 1924:

We are at this writing having some beautiful weather.

We are glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Charley Lucas moving back in town again.

Wayne Brumfield and Miss Thelma Huffman were at Sunday school, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Lambert will make their future home at Wilbur, W.Va.

Mr. Walton and Ossie Dial were visitors in Leet, Sunday.

Misses Lena and Edith Frye were out horse back riding Sunday.

Miss Lizzie Payne made a flying trip to Huntington, W.Va.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hatfield are leaving for Wilburn, W.Va.

Walter Frye was calling in Leet Saturday night.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dial, a fine girl baby, Saturday night.


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