Winchester Adkins and Cain Adkins, Jr.


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Winchester and Cain Adkins Jr. copyright.jpg

Winchester Adkins (left) and Cain Adkins, Jr. (right), sons of Cain and Mariah (Vance) Adkins. Winchester (1874-1938) lived in Williamson, WV, where he was employed by the Norfolk and Western Railroad (and used the surname of Atkins). He was a fiddler who played on the Grand Ole Opry with a band called the Mingo County Ramblers. Cain Adkins, Jr. (1880-1943) lived in Matoaka, Mercer County, WV, and Raleigh County, WV. He was also a fiddler. Both men were children during their father’s involvement in the Lincoln County Feud. Photo courtesy of Adkins family descendants.

Chapmanville News 03.11.1921


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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 11, 1921:

The Chapmansville school is progressing nicely under the management of J.W. Batchel and Robert Vickers and Miss Eliza Garrette.

Some of the girls are looking to get plenty of boys in school, especially Miss Wanda Ferrell and Lola Ferrell. “Come on, Mr. Wayne,” is what Wanda says.

Mr. Steward can’t cobble shoes to do any good any more for the girls of Chapmansville.

Mr. Bob Hale bought in three fine Holstein cows from Ravenswood.

Mr. Edward Turner is swinging the girls now.

Mr. Charles Farrette of Big Creek is attending school now.

Miss Wanda Ferrell of Big Creek is going to be baptized Sunday.

Chapmansville is coming out of the kinks. She is going to organize a baseball team under the management of W.J. Bachtel.

Wayne Brown is getting sporty lately. He is sweeting the girls on candy, especially one on Big Creek.

Billy Carper and Jonnie Fry have no girls now. They visit the school house often. Cheer up.

Chapmansville is on a boost now. A soda fountain came in today for W. Conley and Hot Springs Bryant.

Six houses are being built in this village at present for Peter Ferrell.

Miss Eliza Garrett, who is teaching the primary department at Chapmansville, visited her home folks Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Howard Barker and John Dent, who have been working at Big Creek, returned to their homes Saturday. They claim they have been exposed to measles.

Mrs. George Seagraves, who is teaching the primary department at the Barker school, says she will finish her school upstairs on account of her room being cold. She is behind three weeks. Miss Emma Stowers is principal, her term for this year closing March 9th.

Miss Emma Stowers and Bertie Barker attended church at the Lane Sunday.

Miss Bessie Barker, who has been visiting her homefolks for the past week, returned to her work at Logan Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Homer attended church at Lane Sunday.

Mrs. Ed Haner is on the sick list.

Misses Myrna Sanders and Nora Stollings attended church at the Lane Sunday.

Mr. Lacy Browning is on the sick list. The attending physician says he is threatened with fever.

The Farmers Telephone Company of this place have rebuilt their line and we hope that adjoining lines will do likewise.

Whiffs from Whirlwind (1914)


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J.M., a correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 20, 1914:

Business is dull in this section.

S. Riddell left Thursday for New York City.

Miss Belvia Mullins is visiting friends at Canterbury this week.

Peter Mullins left Tuesday for Oilville where he will engage in the carpenter’s trade.

Singing school is progressing nicely under the skillful management of Rev. Chas. Curry.

A large crowd attended church at Hoover Sunday.

J.H. Workman has accepted a position as clerk in S. Riddell’s store at this place.

Sam Mullins returned to his work on Pond Creek Monday.

Miss Julia Mullins was shopping at Pink Mullins’ Saturday.

Charley Mullins is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Jno. McCloud died at her home on Twelve Pole Friday and was buried in the McCloud cemetery.

Lawrence Mullins and Barney Carter are getting out a fine lot of telegraph poles at this place.

Mosco Mullins died here last Wednesday. Fits was the cause of death.

Burglars made a raid on James Mullins’ store a few nights ago; names of visitors not learned yet.

John Carter is furnishing the town with coal this winter.

Miss Burlie Riddle is teaching school on Hoover.

Whirlwind News 10.29.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 29, 1926:

Roses on my shoulders, slippers on my feet.

I am a lonely damsel from Whirlwind. Don’t you think me sweet?

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradshaw of Logan are visiting friends of Hoover.

Major Adams and son Howard made a flying trip to Logan Monday.

Anthony Blair of Mud Fork is visiting friends here for a few days.

David Dingess made a flying trip to Logan Friday.

John Haynes was calling on Miss Thelma Dingess Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dingess were the guests of Mrs. David Dingess Sunday.

Mrs. Mollie Mullins of Mud Fork returned home Sunday after a two week visit here.

Miss Olve Adams was the guest of Mrs. Robert Dingess Thursday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mason Adams, a fine boy.

Misses Inez and Lucy Dingess were shopping in Whirlwind the latter part of the week.

Everette and Gillis Adams passed through Whirlwind Monday in their Flint enroute to Logan.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kinser, twin girls.

Sunday school is progressing nicely on Trace, with three teachers, Mrs. Alice Dingess, Mrs. Major Adams, and Mr. Rush Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. Sol Adams made a business trip to Logan Monday.

Buster Blair visits the post office too often. Say, Buster. Has she written you yet?

We are listening for the wedding bells to ring on Trace, especially on the Jonas Branch.

Wonder why Maudie looks so lonesome these days? Cheer up, Maudie. Maybe he won’t forsake you.

Wonder why Tom Workman visits grandma’s so often these days?

Cecil Brumfield has purchased a new car.

Harts News 10.22.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 22, 1926:

Grover Gartin of Ranger was calling on Miss Nola Adkins Sunday.

Herbert Adkins was transacting business in Huntington Monday.

Ward Brumfield was looking after business matters in Hamlin Tuesday.

Earl Wysong and Miss Bertha Haines of Logan were visiting friends and relatives at Harts Saturday and were entertained by Miss Jessie Brumfield.

Miss Cora Adkins spent Sunday at Gill.

Mr. and Mrs. Toney Johnson of Columbus, Ohio, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Chas. Brumfield of Harts.

Mrs. Ellis Hans Isaac of West Hamlin was calling on friends here Sunday.

Miss Pauline Scites and little sister Virginia of Huntington were the guests of Miss Jessie Brumfield Sunday at Harts.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dingess of Whirlwind passed through Harts Saturday evening enroute to Logan.

Jack and Mary Marcum of Ranger were in Harts Sunday.

Mrs. C.C. Pack and Miss Jessie Brumfield and little sister, May Zell, attended the funeral of Mrs. Wesley Tomblin, which took place at the Browning cemetery on Harts Creek Tuesday.

Ira Tomblin is very ill at present with typhoid fever.

We are very sorry to announce the death of Mrs. Wes Tomblin, who died at her home on Harts Creek Monday morning of pneumonia fever.

Mrs. Jas. Porter is very ill at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adkins and Mrs. Brooke Adkins of Hamlin were calling on friends in Harts Sunday afternoon.

Ward Brumfield, deputy sheriff of Lincoln county, is loading ties today (Wednesday).

Fisher B. Adkins, Republican nominee for county clerk, is making a progressive campaign. Go to it, Fisher. We are going to elect the whole ticket this time.

Dr. Ferrell of Chapmanville was calling on patients in Harts and on Harts Creek Saturday.

School is progressing nicely here with Mrs. Nora Brumfield for teacher.

Good luck to The Banner!

Whirlwind News 09.17.1926


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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on September 17, 1926:

Frank Adams, Jr. doesn’t seem to enjoy walking up the road any more. Wonder why?

Will Adams is taking his vacation this week.

James Baisden was a business visitor at Daniel McCloud’s Wednesday.

Charley Mullins is right on his job this week. Stay right with it, Charley. Winter will soon be here.

Jeff Baisden visits Hoover very often these days. Wonder what his attention is?

Grover Adams is visiting his friends on Twelve Pole. Wonder what makes him go there?

Clinton Adams has bought Florence Adams a bundle of pipes.

Gillis Adams was visiting his girl at Hoover Sunday.

Miss Lucy McCloud was seen visiting in Hoover Tuesday.

Ezra Farley was calling on his best girl Pearl McCloud Sunday.

Gillis Adams was visiting his girl on Sunday. Wonder what was the cause? Ask Lucy. She knows.

Miss Tilda Carter was visiting the sick, Bernice Adams, last Tuesday.

Daily happenings: Alice Dingess and her pipe; David and his bottle; Rush and his mule; Garnett and her rolled hose; Ann and her chewing gum; Rose and her overalls; Ina and her bobbed hair; Boyd and his tobacco; Mollie and her spinning wheel; May and her cards; Alice drying apples; Mandie and her hose; Bertha and her white hat; Susie looking for Daniel; Florence and her apple butter; Bob Dingess’ old Ford; Joe and his geese; Roxie and her baby; Lucy and her pink dress; Carl and his blood hounds; Charley and his ax; Mary is looking so lonely without Herb; Howard and his sweet ways; Pearl and her bangs; Fred Adams and his 10 cent trousers.